magFDM is an easy to use magnetostatic finite differences method computation tool.
It is meant to help designing magnetic devices.
The field stress within ferromagnetic materials can be computed e.g. to avoid saturation of ferrite cores in choke or transformer configurations.

The input is made by a PNG-file created by any kind of paint software (default mtPaint).
It shouldn't have an alpha layer so that it gets read correctly.
Every pixel of the input file defines a node for the computation of the magnetic potential.
The parameters of a node are assigned by its color.

The specific inductance is computed by integrating the whole energy and dividing it by two and the square current.

Especially in case of air gap transformers the coupling between the coils can be computed.

The GUI is written in Perl and only tested on Linux. The octave script should work on all platforms.

Here some Screenshots

Download: Selfextracting installer

Copyright 2008 Faical Turki